The Molossus of Old Man Moyer

Ex-con Jimmy Myer is transporting the dead body of a renowned psychic when his hearse veers into an encounter with the Molossus, a mythical beast that bestows unimaginable wealth to its new host at the cost of the old host’s violent death. The dog’s current host, the psychopathic billionaire Old Man Moyer, is desperate to dodge this deadly deal. What results is a strange world of enigmatic mediums, relentless detectives, and spectral spectators. As the story hurtles towards its chilling conclusion, the narrative compels readers to ask: What wordly fortune could be worth the promise of a violent death?

Wow, this book blew me away! I really enjoyed each page more and more as I read it. The Molossus unfolds in such an expected way and kept me turning the pages. That’s saying a lot because many fiction books lose my interest quickly. If you want a horror book with substance this one is for you.

Astar's Blade Trilogy