Joe Lyon

Joe Lyon is an American horror writer who developed a love for scary stories by watching late-night horror films with his three older sisters – strictly against the rules because of the nightmares they caused, but he loved them. After reading magazines like Weird Tales in Stunning Picto-Vision, his interest in horror and fantasy heightened. He grew up among cornfields in the central valley of the Ohio flatlands and created versions of comic books, scary stories, and monster drawings.

Joe is also a singer/songwriter, leveraging his associations with Purple Toad to incorporate poetic song lyrics into his stores to give them artistic depth. He resides in South Carolina with his wife, three kittens, one border collie, and one big black horse named Capt. Wentworth. Lyon’s writing career began in 2020 with the self-publication of his first three-book Epic Fantasy Series, Astar’s Blade. The Molossus of Old Man Moyer is his fourth published book.