Astar's Blad Kilmer's Ghost, book by Joe Lyon
Kilmers Ghost – Signed Hardbound w/ Dust Jacket

The legends say the Sanguine Forest is haunted by evil magic. Those that dare go in never come out alive. But those are just tall tales, aren’t they?

Ever since he was a young boy, a ghost had been appearing to Kilmer in an unlikely otherworldly friendship, which made him the perfect choice to go into the Sanguine to search for the king’s missing archer.

Guided by his ghost and bent on revenge, Kilmer is doomed to bear witness to the cataclysm around him. Helpless to prevent the birth of a brand-new evil, his life comes down to whether Kilmer’s Ghost can save him.

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The Molossus of Old Man Moyer – Signed Hardbound / Dust Jacket
The Molossus of Old Man Moyer – Signed Hardbound / Dust Jacket

Ex-con Jimmy Myer is transporting the dead body of a renowned psychic when his hearse veers into an encounter with the Molossus, a mythical beast that bestows unimaginable wealth to its new host at the cost of the old host’s violent death. The dog’s current host, the psychopathic billionaire Old Man Moyer, is desperate to dodge this deadly deal. What results is a strange world of enigmatic mediums, relentless detectives, and spectral spectators. As the story hurtles towards its chilling conclusion, the narrative compels readers to ask: What wordly fortune could be worth the promise of a violent death?

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Astar's Blade Temple of Valor, book by Joe Lyon
The Temple of Valor – Signed Hardbound w/ Dust Jacket

As a new terror rises from the depths, he is joined with a magical dagger, reuniting the final piece of the ancient God inhabiting him. Astar becomes the most powerful creature in the Universe, and using cunning and raw power, he is capable of shaping world events according to his will. But some things are beyond even Astar’s reach in the Temple of Valor.

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Astar's Blade The Provenance, book by Joe Lyon
TThe Provenance: Astar’s Blade – Signed Hardbound w/ Dust Jacket

When a ghastly apparition appears to Almon, he becomes obsessed to understand the family curse.

Nearly driven insane, Almon leaves his home and heads to the mountains in search of the truth. There, he makes a fateful discovery on top of the world. Someone is there waiting for him. The legendary Supreme Historian, is a cantankerous old man who is equipped with an unfailing memory. He alone remembers The Provenance and states that he cannot die until his mission is fulfilled to relay The Provenance to Almon.

The Provenance is an immersive Epic Fantasy that tells the origins of the gods and their magic. The adventures of their betrayals and the lasting consequences of their actions.

But It’s a nasty sort of business when the magic of the gods is revealed to mortals. It always has unpredictable consequences.

So why Almon? Why now?

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